Nic’s Neighborhood strives to provide the ultimate experience for clients in their real estate transaction. Nichole Dupree offers a professional consultative approach with all of her clients. She builds relationships with her clients, embrace their goals as her own and accepts a high level of responsibility for their satisfaction. Below are remarks from her clients regarding their real estate experience:

From the moment I met her, it was obvious to me that Nichole Dupree is in a league of her own in terms of professionalism. My respect for her grew continuously throughout my experience working with her. Her exacting knowledge of real estate processes, her unparalleled speed of response to every message or inquiry, her pro-activeness and sheer energy were all simply amazing. Nichole’s professionalism is matched only by her personality. I cannot recall meeting anyone as gracious as she. In situations that should have been stressful, Nichole remained completely unfazed – offering imaginative and altogether appropriate solutions to any difficulty that arose.
-Randall Torres – New Orleans Buyers

“My Agent is Nichole, the agent sent from heaven. I am grateful and thankful, thank you Miss Nichole!!!”
-Alethea Dalcour – Algiers Buyer

“Thank you for everything you guys are doing and did for us, Thank You So Much.”
-Ashenafi Astraga and Meaza Aklilu – Algiers Buyer

“I am so thrilled and excited to have such a great experience with Nichole Dupree with my house hunting and house purchasing. I would recommend her without any reservation to anybody who wants to get a house. ”
-Frank May – Avondale Buyer

“We just purchased our first home with Nichole Dupree from Keller Williams. She was AWESOME!! I appreciate her so much, Thanks Nichole!!”
-Ramona Brown – Gretna Buyer

“Thanks to Miss Nichole Dupree who went out of her way, beyond and crawled over rocks to close my house. Thank you so much, I Love You”
-Lacrystal Trim – Gretna Buyer

“We just want to say thanks to Miss Nichole Dupree for making our dreams come true. I recommend her to the whole entire world because she is really great from start to finish and She DON’T PLAY”
-Jackie and Rickie Nelson – Harvey Buyers

“I’ve just purchased my first home with Denise Walker from Chase Bank and Nichole Dupree. It was smooth and I am even getting back at Closing. I would highly recommend them.”
-Deanna Walker – Harvey Buyers

“I would like to thank Nichole Dupree for her endurance in working with us as our realtor. I would recommend her to all my friends. I would recommend her to God if I could”
-Bryan and Ivy Davis – Marrero Buyers

“Thank you Nichole for helping meet our goal, purchasing our retirement home. Great Job, God Bless You.”
-Bob and Maddie Varnado – Marrero Buyers

“We want to thank Nichole for helping us out with buying our first home. This was a great experience, at times pressing, but Nichole made it really really comfortable.”
-Brandon Savage and Kiandra Moore – Marrero Buyers

“Nichole did a great job!”
-Brent Ronquille – Marrero Buyer

“I just want to thank Nichole Dupree for helping me to purchase my first new home…Thank You Jesus!!”
-Lois Burse – Marrero Buyers

“She was very informative and very very patient. She made me feel comfortable with what I was doing. I thank Keller Williams and Miss Nichole for coming into my life. ”
-Debra Calderon – New Orleans East Buyer

“I am so thrilled and excited to have such a great experience with Nichole Dupree with my house hunting and house purchasing. I would recommend her without any reservation to anybody who wants to get a house. ”
-Dr. Osei Prempeh – New Orleans East Buyer

“Finally, it’s all over. I’ve waited 6 months to get in my 2 bedroom apartment house. I thank Miss Nichole Dupree for her time, her patience and especially her effort in making this thing come to pass.”
-Charlotte Amos – New Orleans East Buyer

“For all of the houses we looked at, Nichole jumped right on it and we had an offer in, same day. Very Pleased! ”
-Christina LeBlanc – New Orleans Gentilly Buyer

“Miss Nichole Dupree very great to work with she answered all of my question, responded to my 5 million emails and text messages and never once seemed to be annoyed. If you are looking for someone to work with, you should definitely consider Nichole Dupree.”
-Brittany Robinson – New Orleans Gentilly Buyer

“I am so happy that I have used Nichole’s realtors to sell my home.”
-Otis Black – New Orleans Gentilly Seller

“I purchased a home with Miss Nichole Dupree and it was the best experience ever. Thank you Miss Nichole for your guidance and your patients”
-Ebony Allen – New Orleans Buyer